(4/23/09) When Will It End?

5 08 2009

As most have probably realized by now, there are lots of things that drive me crazy about the gay rights movement. There’s ridiculous arguements against marriage equaliy, equally stupid reasons why gay and lesbians couldn’t be great parents, and the never-ending rant over how much God hates us.

But what drives me crazy the most is when you bring kids into it. Children don’t have this power to fight the bigotry that equal rights leaders do, making them immune to torment from their peers.

Kate Kendell, leader of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has brought to the attention of the growing problem in American schools- kids being hurt by anti-gay slurs to the extent that they kill themselves.

Just in the past week, two 11 year old boys, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera hung themselves after being beaten and taunted with anti-gay slurs.

To make matters worse, neither boy identified himself as gay.

Has being different from everyone else really seem so bad that it’s okay to use such words to insult someone? Even words such as “gay” and “lesbian”?

The worst part is, most schools seem to not care as much as they should. As was the case with Carl Walker-Hoover, his parents had repeatedly told the school to stop the bullying, and the school said they had…but obviously, it was continuing.

The problem is, some schools are unaware of what goes on among their students. Or maybe they think that anti-gay bullying only happens to gay students, which they may believe is a small minority. The truth is, such  bullying can happen to anyone, whether you really are gay or not.

Right-wing ideology and general hate against the LGBT community has brought about the idea that if the “gay lifestyle” is wrong, then it’s perfectly fine to use such anti-gay slurs. Even if it means putting innocent kid’s life at risk?

Is this really right, though? Is it fair to have kids tormented to death, too often in literal terms, just because of a groups beliefs?

Apparently, in some people’s eyes, it is. Kate mentions in her blog that anti-gay groups in California are trying to challenge the state’s Student Civil Rights Act as it is “a ‘safety hazard’ that jeopardizes students.”

Since when was protecting kids’ lives a safety hazard?! We’re trying to protect kids’ lives, and you think that’s wrong, all because it will prevent discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity? How many kids have to be beaten, humiliated, or die before you take a stand against bullying? Do something now!

Kate Kendell’s blog: http://www.nclrights.org/site/PageServer?pagename=blog_katesBlog042209

Article about Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/MindMoodNews/story?id=7328091&page=1

Article about Jaheem Herrera: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/dekalb/stories/2009/04/21/boy_suicide_bullying_decatur.html

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(4/2/09) Before it gets “outdated”…

5 08 2009

And before it slides into my English paper again (oops! At least it’s somewhat relevant)…

So I came to the conclusion today that I was a bit…not nice (to put nicely) towards certain campus groups in my english paper. I’m writing about homosexuality on campus (originally derived from Gay-Straight Alliance, which I’m a proud member of), and, thanks to having the need to mention religion in my paper (since they constantly seem to be a part of LGBT issues), I managed to get into a 3-page rant against religion and homophobia, all thanks to last Thursday’s somewhat unproductive meeting of GSA.

To set the records straight (lol), I am a Christian. But I’m also very pro-gay rights, as I’m a member of GSA,  my two best friends are partners (and have known one of them for nearly half my life), and it’s probably safe to say that I’m bisexual (surprise, Facebook friends!).

However, despite any of this, I don’t allow my views to get tied. Obviously, I don’t let being a Christian turn me off of LGBT rights (and condemning what I am), and I don’t let GSA and my friends (as well as being VERY liberal) turn me off of going to church with my dad on Sundays. Unlike most people, I’ve managed not to let one of my views ruin the other.

However, that’s not to say that I feel biased against some religious groups, and possibly for good reason.

Not going to name it, but there’s a certain such organization that has been bothering GSA since last November (I believe). Thankfully, they have quit spreading information about their group, or what their denomination says about homosexuality. However, we’re still getting the bad vibe that they could be trying to convert us, or maybe even *shudder* “cleanse us of our sins”

So last week, for the first time all semester, they came to our meeting. Business went on as normal, until we started talking about homophobia on campus. That’s when one of their members asked if there was anything they could do to help.

One of our officers said they could tell others, publicly, that they don’t tolerate hate crimes towards anyone, especially LGBTs. However, that didn’t seem to be what the religious guy had in mind.

We’ve recently discovered, from a Facebook group, that this organization wants to create a ministry within GSA, saying that they will show us, through God’s work, that Christians really do care about us, and we can see Him for ourselves (as they say,in eloquent but VERY vague language).

Um…did somebody completely miss the memo that GSA is a non-political AND non-religious organization?

Also, is it someone stereotypical of them to automatically decide that we’re all God-hating atheists? News Flash! Several GSA members are both LGBT AND religious!

Although they did seem to get that GSA cannot affiliate themselves with their group, these guys didn’t get the message. Nope, they insisted that we should create a new group that combines both GSA AND their group, which they say will fight homophobia. Not going to happen.

What I never seem to get is why guys like these always try to force their religion onto someone, even though they know (hopefully) that they can’t convince everyone. They said it themselves that LGBT feels hated by Christians, so why not spread the love around? If you’re seriously support our cause, then why don’t you spend your time telling others, instead of trying to sway us? For all we know, they could mean well; they’re just not showing it.

With all of this in mind, I’m really hoping that they’re trying to become accepting of us. Tolerating us, like they say they do, is like saying they’re accepting of us, but they don’t want to fight for our rights. It’s like some people with Prop 8; they told their LGBT friends they were cool with them, yet still pushed the “Yes” button on Election Day. Jesus spent his life spreading the love, and refusing to hate people for what religion says. Why can’t more do the same?

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5 08 2009

If you got the link to here from my other WordPress blog (uk4evers.wordpress.com), then thanks for following me. I’ll try my best to keep both updated.

If you’re new, welcome! I’m laevers (to you, unless you  happen to know me by my real name), and I’m a 2nd-year English major (maybe Political Science too) at the University of Kentucky.

If you know me (by UK4Evers or in real life), then you probably know that I like to ramble. A lot. Mostly about liberal-minded politics and equal rights of a rainbow-colored kind.

I do tend to be biased occasionally, and that’s my heads up to anyone that reads this blog. This is mostly meant for my rambling, mostly about the above subjects. So…that’s my warning.

Anyway, happy reading!

PS. There might be a strange outburst of activity soon from this blog. Don’t get too used to it (I don’t update as often as I should), I’ll mostly be adding posts from my other blog.

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5 08 2009

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