Yet again…

4 11 2009

Yet again… Once again, my rights, and those of my closest friends, have been put up to a popular vote. And, yet again, slightly more than half of those votes took those rights away in a single night.

Yet again, somebody tried to decide that two fathers, or two mothers, couldn’t have a legal family, simply because the parents are the same gender.

Yet again, somebody saw an ad on TV, telling them that their children would be told about “homosexual marriage” in school if a law wasn’t repealed. Worst of all…they listened.

Yet again, somebody, in a state miles away from my own, said that the greatest friend I’ll ever had couldn’t marry his boyfriend, or anyone else he chooses. Or my friends at UK GSA and beyond couldn’t marry their own lovers some day. Or I couldn’t marry a woman, if that happens to be the gender of my (future, as I currently don’t have one) lover.

Yet again, somebody used what their pastor or someone told them to justify that my rights are wrong. Somebody said that a passage, which also said not to eat shellfish or shave, was enough to say I couldn’t love whoever I pleased.

Yet again, somebody used the word of God, who should be the same as my own, to say that he would condemn anyone who wished to engage in such a marriage, or love whoever they please, to the depths of Hell.


Yet again…I have to tell them how much I disagree.

Yet again, I’m forced to tell everyone that my “condition,” my “lifestyle” isn’t temporary or a phase. Yes, I might marry a man one day…but I don’t even know who he is.

All I know is I won’t marry him (if “him” is…well, a “him”) until my friends can too. And to those of you who believe your God would want you to vote on someone else’s rights…I have a God too. Who wouldn’t have created “those damned homosexuals” just for them to be discriminated against. Who wouldn’t have made us to love whoever we want, gay or straight, just so someone can say they “chose” to be that way, or that something is wrong with them, or the way God created them.

I’ll say more about this later, but let me tell you that God loves love. He loves everyone He created on Earth…otherwise, we obviously wouldn’t be here.

And chances are very likely, if you believe in God, then He’s the same one as mine. And if that is really the case, then you should love love too.




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