Any Questions?

22 09 2009

(This is sort of a preview to a much longer, rant-based post…which I’ve been trying to write for nearly two months without much luck. Will be up soon? I hope so…but you might not)

Yes, I do have a question…

So yesterday at church, you gave us a talk about sex. While talking to us about sex (and resorting to every abstinence-until-marriage argument that you had without bringing out Derek the Abstinence Clown (, you decided to mention that same-sex attraction is, in fact, not a sin; it only falls into the “homosexuality” category when they choose to have sex.

Now…obviously this would be illegal/sinful no matter what, as LGBT couples can’t get married in Kentucky…but what if they were? Would a gay married couple still be considered sin if they decided to wait until after they were married to “do it”?

By the sounds of it, to you, homosexuality is only considered a sin because gay people can’t get married (in most states). Now if things were different…




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