5 08 2009

If you got the link to here from my other WordPress blog (uk4evers.wordpress.com), then thanks for following me. I’ll try my best to keep both updated.

If you’re new, welcome! I’m laevers (to you, unless you  happen to know me by my real name), and I’m a 2nd-year English major (maybe Political Science too) at the University of Kentucky.

If you know me (by UK4Evers or in real life), then you probably know that I like to ramble. A lot. Mostly about liberal-minded politics and equal rights of a rainbow-colored kind.

I do tend to be biased occasionally, and that’s my heads up to anyone that reads this blog. This is mostly meant for my rambling, mostly about the above subjects. So…that’s my warning.

Anyway, happy reading!

PS. There might be a strange outburst of activity soon from this blog. Don’t get too used to it (I don’t update as often as I should), I’ll mostly be adding posts from my other blog.




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